EPS Sandwich Panel Production line


EPS sandwich panel production line: 
1.be composed of two parts 
3.speed: 2-4m/min 
4.famous brand parts
Components of the EPS sandwich panel production line:
 1. mother machine: one set
 2. lower steel plate machine:  one set
 3. products cutting machine and bottom case: one set
 4. press for corrugated plate (two sections): one setWall Panel Forming Machine
 5. Main transportation frame: one set
 6. secondary transportation frame: one set
 7. Tensioner for color steel plate: six pieces
 8. Foam transportation frame: one set
 9. foaming shelf: four sets
10. blower fan: one set
11. staircase and handrail: one set
12. decoiler: one set
13. tray and bottom case: two pieces
14. edge sealing box: two sets
15. hook: one set
16. installment hose: six pieces
17. infrared heating pipe: six pieces
18. dust absorption corrugated pipe: one set
19. other fittings: several
 Roll Forming Machine


Technical Specifications:
1.    power supply: AC/380V 50-60HZRoof Panel Forming Machine
2.    Total Power: 35KW
3.    Working speed: 1-4m/min
4.    Equipment overall dimension: 90mx1mx4m(lengthxwidthxheight)Double Layer Forming Machine

Floor Deck Forming Machine

5.    product width: 1000mm 1200mm
6.    product thickness: 50-300mm
7.    output: 100-280m2/h
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