Colored tile Forming Machine,Colored tile Roll Forming Machine

This colored tile forming machine is the special roll forming machine for steel sheet cold-form industries. It cans continuous form the steel sheet according to customer’s requirement, automatically cut to length. This equipment has many advantages, just like high forming speed, low noise, stable transmission, easy operation, good look and so on.

Technical parameter:
Typle:colored steel
Thickness: 0.5-0.6
Yield strength: 230-300
2.Max.Forming speed: 4-5m/min
3.Roller material: 45# steel with chrome
4.Roller driven type: Chain transmission
5.Controller: PLC
6.Operation: Touch screen+button
7.Hydraulic system pressure: 12 Mpa
9.Hydraulic station motor power: 5.5 KW
10.Main motor power: 4 KW
11.Total power: 9.5 KW
12.Total weight: about 10000 Kg

Machine Components:
A) Decoiler
B) Roll Forming Machine
1. Guide device
2. Roll forming system
3. Pressing system
4. Post-cutting device
5. Complete mobile safety cover
C) Product Rack
D) Electric control system
E) Hydraulic system

Working Flow:
Decoil →Guiding system→Roll forming →Pressing to length→Cut to length →Output the finished products