Trapezoidal profile roll forming machine

 Trapezoidal profile roll forming machineThe roll forming machine is used to manufacture trapizoidal profile used as wall panel in steel structure, wideness: 900mm

1.Product details:
Product model: yx15-225-900
Place of origin: Tianjin China
Brand name: Longtian
Work speed: 7m/min product speed
Electronic control :  PLC computer controlling
Voltage: 380v
Total net weight: about 5 tons
2. Parameter for material:
Material thickness: 0.3mm-0.6mm
Material width: 1000mm
Parameter of product: pitch of wave: 225mm, weight height: 15mm
3. Trading terms:
Packaging:wood board protection
Installation: We provide the installation drawing and technical instruction to customer.
Payment terms:The buyer should pay 40% down payment, then the seller begin to manufacture 
the machine. The buyer should wire the balance to seller before delivery.
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