Steel Roof Sheets Roll Forming Machine

Product Description

Steel roof sheets roll forming machine; Steel sheets forming machine; Roll forming machine; Forming machine; Cold roll forming machine; Steel corrugated forming machine. 

the uncoiler and its base 
coil sheet guiding and adjusting equipment non sparking tools
film covered device 
main roll forming system 
post-cutting device 
hydraulic station 
PLC control System 
support table Roll Forming Machine 

The Technical parameters: 
suitable raw material: Color steel sheet; Galvanized steel sheet 
thickness of the material: 0.4m to 0.7mm 
yield strength of material: 235Mpa 
uncoiler's loading capacity: Max. Capacity: 5000Kgs. (can be increased to be 10 tons) 
forming speed: About 15m/min 
main motor power: 5.5Kw(Depend on final design) 
hydraulic station power: 2.2Kw(Depend on final design) Double Layer Forming Machine
Floor Deck Forming Machine
controling System: Mitsubishi PLC & converter 
Voltage: 380V, 3 phase 60Hz or according to at buyer's requirment. 
the quantity of the roller group: At lest 15 groups(depend on final design) 
machine dimension: About 20m*1.5m*1.4m(depend on final design) 
total weight: About 10000kgs(depend on final design) 
Material of Roll former system Roof Panel Forming Machine
Roller: High grade No. 45 forged steel, plated hard chromed on the surface of rollers 
With thickness 0.05mm. 
Active shaft material: High grade No. 45 carbon wrought steel at diameter 75mm. 
cutting blade: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment. Wall Panel Forming Machine
Working flow 
Decoiling the sheet---guiding the sheet---covering the film---roll forming---measuring the length---cutting the panel---panels to the supporter




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