C Section Steel Roll Forming Machine

 C Section Steel Roll Forming Machine

C Section Steel Roll Forming Machine


C section steel roll forming machine 



C-shaped purlin is good in bending resistance, straightness, and it can cut, punch automatically, it is very easy and convenient to use. It can be used as bearing structure in big and medium sized building, such as factories, warehouses, garages, hangars, gyms, exhibitions, theater and so on. 

It consists of strip steel supporting frame, feeding platform, shearing mechanism, hydraulic station, steel strip unfolding system, computer control cabinet, high precision counter, punching system, panel receiveing frame and so on. 


Equipments components 

Sheet coil supporting frame 

Material-fed supporting frame 

Automatic shearing mechanism  roll forming

Hydraulic system 

Material-flatten system 

Computer control cabinet with imported PLC 

Automatic length-measured and punching system 

Automatic length-measured system 

Finished products receiving tables  forming machine 


Processing flow 

Hydraulic Uncoiler-Straightening-Roll forming M/C-PLC Control system-Hydraulic pressing and cutting-Exit Rack-off charging 


Technical parameter of stamping machine for C-shape steel: 

Type and specification: C 

Rolling range for the C shape steel purline: 

Width: 80mm-300mm roll former

Height: 40mm-80mm 

Dimensions: Major structure: 9m*1.65m *1.2m 

Length of the assembly line: 20 -24m 

Diameter of the roll: 80mm thickness of the connecting plate: 20mm 

Can make products with effective thickness: 2 mm-5mm 

Facility weight: 7.0 t 

Productivity: 0-10 m/min Roll forming machine 

Rolling type: Adopt 10 rows of rollers(above and below) to prestamp, 3 rows to regulate the vertical, slope and curve, all together roll and stamp to form the final shape. Adopt 5rows of upright rollers for adjusting at last. 

Power of the machine: Automatic type: 15KW


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