760 Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

 Product Description

Product No.: JJM1100A 
Size(m): 7.4*1.55*1.51 
Weight: 4.3T 
Capacity: 2~3m/min 
Quality: ISO9001: 2000 
Technical Parameter: 
1. Suitable to process: Colored Steel plate, galvanized board 
2. Width of the plate: 1250mm 
3. Rollers: 12rows Roll Forming Machine


4. Rolling material: Forging Steel 45# 
5. Rolling galvanization thickness: 0.05 mm 
6. Material of the cutting blade: Cr12 Double Layer Forming Machine
7. Hydraulic oil: 40# 
8. Dimensions: 7.4*1.55*1.51m Roof Panel Forming Machine
9. Power: 4+4kw 
10. Thickness of the plate: 0.3-0.6mm 
11. Productivity: 2~3m/min Galvanized steel pipe|

Oil pipeline |

12. Diameter of the roller: 70mm 
13. Weight: About 4.3T 
14. Voltage: 380V 50Hz 
15. Processing precision: Within 1.00mm Wall Panel Forming Machine
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