YX-762 Roll Forming Machine

   Our roll forming machine can produce different kinds of steel panel tiles for roof and wall. The tiles is mainly used in temporary building site, steel constrcuture workshop,and other public building with fast building speed. It has advantage of pretty appearance, durable using and so on. Cold Forming Machine 

      The metal sheet cold roll forming of us has characters of high spped ,high production, good performance, low labor and save cost. All the above characters are the best selectons for producing the metal sheet cold rollform products. Cold Roll Forming Machine
      The forming rollers is the key of roll forming machine. We use CAD to design and manufacture the rollers. After CNC lathe, the forming rollers will be harden by vacuum heat treatment and finished the profiles again. These processes make the more accurate forming rollers ,avoid the deformation during heat treatment and ensure the rollers preciseness and wear-resisting ability
Roll forming machine 

 Main forming machine

A. Number of forming steps: 16-22(according profile)roll former forming machine  roll forming 

B. Material of shaft: 45# steel adjustable treatment.  diameter: 70mm

C. Material of roller: High grade 45# steel(plated chrome on surface)

D. Main motor power: 5.5kwSteel pipe |

Seamless steel pipe|

E. Forming speed: 10-15m/min

F. Stand: 350# steel welding structureCarbon steel pipe|

G. The plating chromium of roller surface: 0.05mm


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