25-205-1050 roof panel roll forming machine


technical parameter

Long * wide * high  6000mm*1100mm*800mm

Weight : 3T

Undercarriage needed materials : 300HRoll forming machine roll former

Vertical bar : S12mm

Axis : Diameter 70mm    45#

Wheel : Most large diameter 180mm   Material 45#  

Transmission : 1 inch chain link bearing model 6210 Cold Forming Machine

Power : Main engine electrical machinery capacity 3KW

The machinery takes shape : 10-13rows

Pumping station electrical machinery : 2.2KW four levels

Pressure : 10 megabars

Solenoid valve : DSG-02-3L60

Machine after computer automatic control shuts off

Formation speed : 8m/minforming machine  roll forming

Automatic control disposition

Computer : US Egyptian especially Meier

Encoder : Domestically produced Wuxi Swiss Pu or Japan ohm dragon

Relay : Zhengtai button: Zhengtai

Monitor : Beijing Si Pu RuiteCold Roll Forming Machine

Frequency changer : Shanghai the purple date or Taiwan reaches




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