automatical adjustment c purlin

 automatical adjustment c purlin Slip ring 

Profile range: C80-C300 
Advantage: profiles changed automatically brush holder


automatical adjustment c purlin

Roll forming machine 

This is an advanced production line for producing various typs of C-purlins. Everytime when need to produce different profiles, you just need to input the dimensions via our PLC control system and then the rollers can adjust themselves to realize profile changed.

 Roll former

Processing Solutions

Pre-cutting system, one cutting blade for all profiles

Profiles Information

C80 --- C300, range between this are adjustable


Un-coiler, feeding section, straightening device, pre-punching device, pre-cutting device, main forming machine, produce rack and so on

Material Thickness

2~3mm for normal profiles; biggest thickness 4.5mm


Particular profile, thickness are available if have your drawing


Machine pictures for reference.


  Roll forming 

12 Meter stacker


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